Arkansas Commercial Pest Management Services


Little Rock - Fayetteville - Springdale

Delta Pest Control is proud to be a leader in Arkansas for commercial pest control.  We currently service over 20,000 apartments on a monthly basis.  In addition, Delta services prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, colleges, schools, HUD complexes, paper mills, warehouses, office buildings, National Guard Armories, and security clearance facilities. 

Some of the pests covered include roaches, ants, bed bugs, mice, rats, silverfish, weevils, and other household pests.  Delta also provides perimeter spraying for fleas, ticks, and other outside home invaders.  Delta has treated for fire ants since 1986.  In addition, Delta provides inspections and audits for all food handling and food distributors.  Another service provided by Delta is the spider elimination and web removal in warehouses and open buildings.   We also provide fogging for large and small facilities, when needed. 

Delta’s wildlife services include the trapping, removal, and exclusion of the following:  birds (all species), bats, squirrels, raccoons, etc.  Our truck-mounted foggers can also provide mosquito control for cities and industrial facilities. 

One benefit of working with Delta is that you will have the same technician(s) working with you for each service, so they will gain knowledge of your pest problems and your procedures.  Upon request, they will provide sanitation or any other type of report to you on a regular basis.  Our commercial pest control contracts can be streamlined to cover whatever pest problems you have.

In short, if you are looking for an established pest control company with a great reputation and a wealth of experience in commercial pest control, Delta Pest Control is the company for you!